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Accessibility in Asia for All!

Accessibility in Asia, Singapore accessible restroom

Accessible restroom in Singapore hotel

Accessibility in Asia could be very different from Country to Country.
Most of the Asian nations are in different stages of development ranging from agricultural / pastoral realities to highly technological societies.
These differences affect the level of accessibility of the various countries.
Some have Western levels of accessibility, others much lower or nonexistent.

Accessibility consists of various elements:
– General accessibility
– Accommodation
– Transportation
– Rentals
– Tourist attractions
– Support
– Medical Assistance

We will try to provide general details which we will then expand on in individual destinations.

General accessibility
Vietnam accessible restroom

Vietnam, accessible restroom

The general accessibility in Asia depends on the economic level of the country and on related factors.
Singapore has accessible sidewalks but even in Singapore in certain areas there are stairs and ladders to access the sidewalks.
In general the central areas have more accessible sidewalks but often cluttered with economic activities or are used as parking for motor scooters so that people in wheelchairs have to use the roadway that is clogged with traffic.
Outside the cities or in the suburbs there may be less traffic but often they are not sidewalks or they are not walkable because in poor condition.
Therefore, general accessibility is usually at lower levels than in Western countries.

Accessible public toilets are generally very rare in railway stations, in some public buildings (such as museums), in shopping centers and in the lobbies of higher category hotels.

There is a rather useful app to find accessible toilets but it is in its infancy and covers a few locations in the world for now, however “Accessaloo

Accessibility in Asia, Japan accessible restroom western style

Accessible restroom, western style, in Japan hotel

In general it can be said that as far as hotel accommodation is concerned, a minimum number of accessible accommodation facilities are available almost everywhere even though there may be realities such as the Mongolian “gers” in which accessibility has never been considered.
But, also in Mongolia, in Ulan Bator, the capital, there are hotels with accessible rooms.
In some cases, the hotels with rooms equipped according to Western standards are those of the International chains which are also the most expensive.
However, an acceptable solution can be found almost everywhere.

Indonesia accessible restroom

Accessible restroom in Indonesia

A more complicated problem are transports.
For each country, on the dedicated page, we show the photo of an accessible vehicle available on site
Accessible vehicles with hydraulic platforms or even ramps and adequate wheelchair attachment systems during travel are difficult to find and do not exist in many countries.
If you can use sedans or spacious cars to move (with help) from the wheelchair (manual and foldable) to the seat then you can travel anywhere otherwise you will have to carefully evaluate the real situation you should face.

China accessible restroom in a top class hotel.

China accessible restroom

Rental of aids are possible, at least for the simplest ones, such as manual wheelchairs and sometimes scooters for mobility, in many countries.
But if your needs require medical beds, hoists, respirators, … then the problem is difficult, and many times, impossible to solve.

Tourist attractions

Tourist attractions in some countries are accessible, at least on the lower floors, via alternative ramps and entrances that avoid stairs.
But, in general, stairs and steps are present everywhere.
They can be overcome, in many cases, using the mobile ramps that tour operators use or with the help of helpers who lift wheelchairs.

Accessibility in Asia: Indonesia accessible pool with hoist

Accessible pool with hoist

But besides the negative points there are also positive facts.
For example related to help provided by nurses, caregivers and tourist helpers.
People who can perform these functions can be found without the difficulties created by strict Western regulations.
The rates for these support services are usually much cheaper then in Western Countries

Medical Assistance

In all Asian countries there are excellent hospitals and clinics in major cities, which privately serve affluent rented customers and Western expat communities.
These hospitals can provide medical care at the level of the best Western hospitals, they also have Western doctors, the most advanced diagnostic equipment.
Obviously it is essential to have the coverage of a good tourist medical insurance.
Dialysis sessions are also possible for travelers on dialysis.
For more detailed information on this point and on possible medical tourism solutions, contact us.

So if your dream is to visit the East don’t be afraid of not being able to do it.

Making our guests aware of accessibility in Asia is our mission as well as making you travel and also relocate to the East to allow you to experience it with the maximum possible comfort.