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Laos LuangPrabang Temple by 竟傲 汤/

Laos for All!

In Laos, our motto “Laos accessible to travelers” may be considered wrong.
Indeed a trip to Laos is a challenge for any traveler and for a wheelchair user it can be a “Mission Impossible …”.

General accessibility is very poor, sidewalks are scarce.
Cities like Vientiane and Luang Prabang have limited accessibility with the presence of steps, stairways and the absence of ramps and slides.

It is possible that there are hotels with rooms that can be used by people in wheelchair but, according our inspection, there are no hotels with roll in shower.

Transportation is limited to sedans and minivans which can be used if the person is able to move from the wheelchair (manual and foldable) to the car seat.
The main cities are connected by internal flights, usually operated by ATR, planes not very spacious inside.

Medical, nursing, personal and tourist assistance can be found and the cost will be lower than in other asian countries.

We have no evidence of the possibility of renting aids for tourist use

Luang Prabang, main destination,  offers itself, splendidly restored in temples and old houses, to tourists seeking the atmosphere of the ancient East which has now almost disappeared everywhere.

A tour in Laos could last about ten/twelve days including Vientiane, Luan Prabang, Savannaketh, Paksem (Champasak site) and possibly Thousands Islands.
Thousands Islands, the Mekong internal delta, is where the rare Irrawaddy dolphin lives
But tour like this or any other trip in Laos would only be possible for a person with good residual mobility using a manual, folding chair so please do not take our motto “Laos accessible to travelers” literally.

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