Malaysia for All!

Malaysia accessible to travelers, is a federal state, with a continental part, consisting of the very long peninsula of Malacca extending from Thailand to Singapore, and an island part, the Malaysian Borneo  and many other smaller islands.

It is a country rich in above all natural beauties and a great biodiversity.
The main and most representative example of the Malay fauna is the orangutan, one of the great anthropomorphic apes, the only one existing outside Africa.

There are also interesting cities for their past such as Penang and Malakka or for their projecting into the future, such as the federal capital, Kuala Lumpur.

General accessibility is acceptable in cities where there are also hotels equipped with accessible rooms with roll in shower.

Malaysia_Accessible_VanTransport can be organized with accessible vehicles equipped with ramps or hydraulic platforms (in the peninsular part of the country).
In Kuala Lumpur, the subway network, made up of several lines and essential for getting around one of the most chaotic cities in Asia, is accessible

The rental of aids is possible but limited and, not being adressed to tourism, a rather long minimum time is generally charged.

Available medical, nursing, tourism and personal assistance

It is possible to obtain a tourist visa up to 3 months, extendable.

In general we can say Malaysia accessible to travelers!

Program in Malaysia:

8/10 Days along the Malakka Peninsula:
Tour that will include Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malakka, Highland National Parks, Singapore, con la possibilità di estensioni balneari sulle isole lungo le coste della penisola di Malakka.
L’accessibilità che è buona nelle città nei parchi nazionali e nelle località balneari insulari è più limitata e questo va considerato nell’organizzare un tour.

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