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China for All!

China accessible to all travelers, this is a motto and also a hope!
Unfortunately, as the whole world tries to become more accessible, it appears that China has chosen, at least in part, the opposite direction.
This is especially true for accessible vehicles as you can read a few lines below.

But let’s start with the good news!

In the main cities there are hotels, usually of superior category (4/5 stars) with rooms for the disabled and a good level of general accessibility.

Tourist attractions are in many cases accessible via slides or alternative routes.
The central areas of the main cities have wide sidewalks with curb cuts.

High-speed trains are accessible and comfortable
They connect the main cities of China to the most advanced part of the country.
They can be a valid alternative to flights that connect the same cities but which do not allow you to admire the Chinese reality outside the metropolis.

It is possible to request medical, nursing, personal and tourist assistance.

This information confirms our motto “China accessible to all travelers”

China accessible to travelers Van

China accessible van with lift

But what is missing or very difficult to find are accessible vans for city transport and multi-day rentals.
Following the 2008 Olympics accessible vehicles had been introduced in major Chinese cities as both vans and London cabs.
But then they were largely converted to the transport of able-bodied people and now only very few companies have chauffeured cars.

China accessible to travelers, Hong Kong accessible taxi

Hong Kong accessible taxi

However, an accessible tour of China including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and the surrounding area in 10/12 days is possible and it will offer an acceptable level of accessibility for Western travelers.

Hong Kong has similar levels of accessibility to Singapore and Western cities for hotels, both public and private transportation.

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