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South Korea for All!

South Korea is one of the most accessible between the Asian countries and try to accomplish our motto “SouthKorea accessible to travelers”!

There are, in all cities and tourist resorts of South Korea, accessible hotels with rooms equipped with bathrooms for the disabled, with roll-in showers and toilets with grab bars.
These hotels have accessible common spaces and are beautifully located in the city center

Accessible van South Korea

Transport by van accessible both for hire with driver and as a taxi service are available with reservation.

Metropolitan networks exist not only in Seoul but also in Pusan, Taegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Incheon.
The Seoul network is quite accessible especially in the stations in the central areas.
In other cities the situations may be different because it is only since the end of the 90s that subways have begun to be made accessible.
There are also buses with wheelchair access but they are about 50% of them often crowded.

The KTX, the high-speed train network, also has accessible trains.

Aids such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hoists, medical beds and other aids can be rented.

Medical, nursing and touristic assistance is available on demand.

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Accessible classic tour

A 12-day accessible tour that allows you to visit South Korea in depth will include: Seoul where you will make numerous visits and appreciate different and curious aspects of Korean culture. You will visit the DMZ, a legacy of the war that in the 1950s caused the division of Korea into 2 separate countries. You will see the island of Nami, the national parks of the east coast where you will discover beautiful beaches and taste the typical cuisine based on seafood. There will be stops at UNESCO heritage sites including Gyeongiu capital city of a dynasty that ruled Korea for 1000 years.

SouthKorea accessible to travelers

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