Countries  accessible to travelers!

In addition to the nations listed there are other countries accessible to travelers in Asia, the largest and most populated continent on earth.

Countries accessible to travelers Philippines motobike

Philippines accessible motorbike

Some of them (for example Philippines, Maldives, Mongolia, …) can be considered accessible for people who have not too demanding accessibility needs.

These countries offer very different attractions but in general they are natural landscapes ranging from the beaches of the Maldives and the Philippines to the boundless steppes of Mongolia.
Some countries also have attractions related to their past such as Mongolia and to some extent the Philippines as well.

Countries accessible to travelers, Taiwan accessible taxi

Taiwan, Taipei taxi accessibile.

But there are countries that have an excellent level of accessibility.
As Taiwan, the large island inhabited by the Chinese diaspora that followed the revolution. 

Taiwan has accessible hotels, the capital Taipei has a subway with all accessible stations and buses are also accessible in 80% of cases.
There are also accessible taxis, as in the photo, which can be booked for private services as well as accessible vans with driver for rentals even for several days.

Trains connecting the island are also largely accessible.
In general, it can be said that people who use folding wheelchairs and can move from a wheelchair to a car seat can face a trip to countries like those listed.

Countries accessible to travelers Philippines

Philippines accessible van

Also to be able to use toilets  and bath rooms even if they are not accessible it’ll be important.
Obviously, the presence of companions such as family or friends can make the journey less complicated and more enjoyable.




We can help you by looking for the best existing accessible tourist services for you and by putting you in touch with the few local operators able to help you organize the most accessible possible holiday.

Not mentioned Countries

There are many other countries that we have not reported, because the accessibility levels are far below Western standards.
This does not mean that adventurous wheelchair travelers cannot think of dealing with realities that require high adaptability.
For our part, we will do everything possible to make your dreams come true, even those that you have always set aside because you thought they were impossible.

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