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In general we can say Japan accessible to travelers by wheelchair or with reduced mobility.

So the biggest problem when traveling to Japan is not the accessibility, which is at a good level anywhere, but the cost of the tourist services!
With regard to general accessibility, it must be borne in mind that the sidewalks are quite narrow and crowded. Furthermore, they are also often trafficked by bikes and scooters.
Tourist attractions are generally accessible.

In all the important tourist cities there are accessible hotels with specially equipped rooms with roll in shower and toilets with grab bars.
Always ask for a western style accessible room as the Japanese style rooms are not accessible.
The common areas are accessible by wheelchair.

Transport is accessible.
Japan_Accessible_VanThere are vans with ramps that can be rented or in taxi service (although it is better to book them in advance because there are few and few drivers speak English).
Trains are generally accessible and the metros, which exist in major cities, are accessible as well.
The most lacking situation is in Tokyo with 80% of the stations accessible.
The problem with the subways is the overcrowding of rush hour which is absolutely best avoided.

Aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, hoists, … can be rented.

Very expensive and difficult to obtain nursing and personal care.
Tourist assistance is provided during visiting hours by professional guides.

However, you can consider Japan accessible to travelers with disabilities, using a wheelchair or with any special need.

Tours in  Japan
A classic tour of Japan lasts 10/15 days and includes Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and extensions are also possible in minor locations where, not always, accessible accommodation facilities are available.
Japan: OneDay accessible tours

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