Accessible Myanmar Pagan Balloons by

Accessible Myanmar Bagan Balloons by Boris Ulzibat/

Dear friends,
this page, about Myanmar, was written before Myanmar plunged into a situation of violence and repression.
Accessibleasia in no way favors the reality that Myanmar and its people are living.
We keep the page hoping that one day Myanmar will again be the wonderful destination that was until a few months ago.

Myanmar for All!

One of the most interesting tourist destinations in Asia but is Myanmar accessible to travelers?
Locations such as Yangoon, Mandalay, Pagan, Inle Lake are world-famous attractions.
However, accessible tourism is in its infancy and it’s not possible to affirm Myanmar accessible to travelers.

Accessible Myanmar Pagan balloons by Clive Kim

Myanmar Pagan balloons

There are hotels that can be considered accessible even if not equipped with roll in showers, bars and grab bars.

As in other Asian destinations, the main problem is transport.
We have no news of accessible vans and therefore the journey, at the moment, is possible for people who use manual, folding chairs and can move on the car seat (possibly with assistance).
If you need to access inside a van please let us know and we will try to find a suitable solution even if the locking systems will not be those in use in the West.

There are no rental services for aids.



It is possible to receive medical, nursing, personal and tourist assistance.

Tourist attractions:

They are not fully accessible.
In many cases it is possible to access with the help of the companion but in some cases access is impossible.

A possible tour could be:
Wheelchair user tour by land in 14 days
Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle lake and the tour could include a relaxing stay in the sea side resorts along the pristine beaches of the Andaman sea .
Accommodation in hotels with rooms with easy access to wheelchair persons, transports by van / big car for the space of wheelchair with private personal assists.

Another important point to consider, apart from the poor accessibility, is the fact that large areas of the country cannot be visited because there are clashes between some of the ethnic groups and the Burmese government. These areas are closed to tourism.

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