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Vietnam Hoi An Thu Bon river night by Huy Lê/

Vietnam for All!

Vietnam is a country with a tragic history of colonialism and war that only a few decades ago led to its reunification and now Vietnam accessible to travelers, at least in part.
It is a country rich in natural beauty and with some of the largest and most frenetic megacities in Asia.

It is constantly evolving, its economy is growing rapidly while improving the level of its tourist facilities.

As for accessible tourism, the level is still rather low.

There are hotels with accessible rooms, with roll in shower and accessible in the common areas but they are few even if present in almost all the main tourist destinations.

Vietnam accessible to traavelers Van partially accessible

Vietnam partially accessible van

Vehicles are the biggest problem as you can see in the photo.
There are no vehicles with hydraulic platforms, and although ramps could be used, the vehicles are not licensed to carry people sitting in their wheelchairs.
So only people using manual, folding wheelchairs who can move around in a sedan seat (aided by staff) could theoretically travel.

Rentals are almost impossible, only in few case are available manual, non-folding, hospital-style wheelchairs and no other aids.

It is possible to receive medical, nursing and personal assistance.
For long stays and relocation it is possible to find spacious villas that can be adapted to the needs of disabled people with simple interventions. In such cases, you can find service personnel, helpers, caregivers, all kinds of assistance and support.

Tourist visas are easily obtainable, normally up to 3 months, renewable for another 3 months.

Programs in Vietnam:
Vietnam full tour, 10/12 days North/South

A classic itinerary is the trip from North to South (or vice versa) with stays in the 3 main cities:
Ha Noi
Da Nang
Ho Chi Minh
which have accessible hotels and from which day trips are possible to visit Ha Long Bay, Hoi An, the Mekong Delta, …

Vietnam accessible to travelers

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